Workspace Design

We are a workspace design company that takes a different view. You need a workspace that gets the most from the people working there. We design workspaces based on understanding human behaviour to deliver both wellbeing and productivity.

Why us

CCD is a leading human behaviour and design practice with 40 years of experience creating working environments from offices to control centres to training centres. Our expertise is in designing high performance work spaces based on understanding human behaviour. By starting with people, our spaces improve wellbeing, collaboration and productivity.

We do this through an innovative blend of ethnographic and other research methods combined with a collaborative design process where we work together with your team to develop the workspace. We’ve found this approach to produce results that increase staff engagement and better support organisational change.


Behavioural Insights

We use an innovative blend of ethnographic and research methods to get under the skin of your

Workspace Strategy

Insights gained from the mapping and analysis work are used to define your needs and develop your ideas


We carry out studies to test ideas, see what works best and make sure your ideas are heard

Workspace Planning

Our approach is based on providing different spaces that adapt to different work styles and different needs

Interior Design

We look at the whole environment to create a comprehensive and inspiring design solution centred on wellbeing


We create workplaces that meet the varying needs of modern work including the demands of integrating technology

Our thinking

Strategy and Discovery


We invest time in each project in really getting to understand your staff and your business. Our aim is to align your long term objectives with staff behaviours and culture change. We use ethnographic and design research tools to understand the tasks they do, their jobs and also behaviours, motivations and engagement with the company. We discuss with you the strategic role of your workspace in developing your business and its brand and how you want it to function operationally.

Co-Designing with You


Our approach to workspace design is unique. Research has shown, the more your staff are involved in the creation of ‘their’ workspace, the better the results in terms of productivity and other performance measures. We use established processes to engage your staff throughout the design and development of the workspace.




We want your staff to love the workspace and for you to see how your workspace can improve productivity as well as attracting the best people for your workforce and enabling them to work smarter.

Organisations with high employee engagement will derive benefits in addition to happy employees. Research suggests over a 20% increase in productivity

Wellbeing & Biophilia


We strongly support the idea that the workspace can improve wellbeing whether it is through creating movement and posture change or through the use of biophillic design to increase the connection with nature. Improving wellbeing has a well-established link with improving productivity and the quality of work. Workers who have outside views are likely to be up to 25% more productive (Source: World Green Building Council)

Agile Working


Our research-based approach enables us to create workplaces that meet the varying needs of modern work including the demands of integrating technology. It is increasingly recognised that workspaces are not a one-size-fits-all solution: our approach is based on providing different spaces that adapt to different work styles and different needs.

Introverts/ Extroverts


Everyone is different, and our personality dictates the type of workspace that suits us best.  Open plan spaces encourage collaboration, but provide distractions – extraverts operate well in this type of environment, but introverts find it more challenging.  Our work enables employees to create spaces that are optimised for everyone in an organisation.