Workplace DNA

Our Workplace DNA service is built on our belief that the workplace is more than just a cost. It enables your company to deliver value. To get the right workplace strategy, we think you need to understand the DNA of your business.

A critical aspect of all business models are the key resources and activities that are used to deliver value. For knowledge-based organisations, this is all about people, how they interact, and how they create value & revenue.

The environment in which they work is an enabler for how you respond to external changes in the ways in which you work.  This is underpinned by four process pillars in our strategic approach:

Understanding people & their work

It’s all about people and how they use the work space to get the job done.

Understanding organisations & culture

The workspace is a key resource. Getting the right workspace should be seen as a way to create value, both for clients and employees.

Understanding technology & future needs

The integration of technology is critical to making the space work effectively, now and in the future.

Understanding buildings & utilisation

You need to get the best value for the cost. This partly comes from understanding the building, it’s configuration and utilisation.

Our Workplace DNA service challenges the way businesses think about their workplace.

The Business Model Canvas

How you can utilise space as a tool using the business model canvas.

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How space delivers value

Space is more than just a cost, it has a direct impact on your company’s ability to deliver value.

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Workplace Research

We are calling for participants for our workplace research into how spaces effect the way people collaborate and communicate.

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My workplace enables me to work productively

Leesman surveyed over 27,000 people in more than 2000 offices, and discovered some profound results. Only 51% of employees were proud to bring visitors to their workplace.

Workplace Design

You need a space that gets the most from the people working there. We design workspace interiors based on understanding human behaviour and your Workplace DNA to deliver both wellbeing and productivity.

DNA Strategy

The business model & your workplace | Activities, behaviour& buildings

Concept to Detailed Design

Concept design & Space planning |
Co-creation | Furniture |
Technical design & co-ordination

Implementation & Post-Occupancy

Procurement & quality control | Implementation | Evaluation & feedback