Who we are

We design, driven by human behaviour.

At the heart of that is a desire to have impact on the lives of the people we design for.

The projects that excite and drive us are the ones were we see social good and impact coming from the work we do.

This might be ensuring a design is as inclusive as possible. It might be shaping behaviour to protect the environment. It might be making a system safer so everyone gets to go home at the end of the day. It might be creating a workspace that helps people to be the best that they can.

Not every project brief is focused on social good, but we always hope there is a slice or element within the project that will have a positive social effect. Seeing this in practice draws us to pursue projects and clients where we can have more impact.

The original founders of CCD

Our Heritage

CCD began from humble beginnings in 1977 and is proud to been in business for over 40 years.

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National Maritime Museum London

Our Projects

Capturing what's there, creating insights and delivering solutions to our clients.

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The essentials: 

These are our six core values that underpin how we work with you and your project.

We design with you

We believe in co-creating with you and your teams, and always design with participation from end users. Design shouldn’t be something that is done to you.

We leave assumptions behind

You don’t want us to do the same as we did for someone else – you are different. We take time in the discovery and research phase to understand you from the beginning.

We deliver function first

We design for real improvements. To have impact, we have to focus on making this our priority. If you just want pretty baubles, try someone else.

We see the whole system

Our lens is to view the world through the eyes of your passenger, visitor, staff, user. That means we see how they experience the whole of a system and how all the elements work together.

We make connections

We value the diversity of the different sectors and areas we work in. We believe there is value in seeking to learn lessons from parallel environments.

We challenge the question

Taking a brief is always a difficult moment for any agency. Our perspective and natural curiosity helps us to re-frame the question with our clients which can lead to unexpected destinations.

Our people

Where we work

We have delivered human factors, wayfinding, experience design and workplace experience projects across the world and for a wide variety of clients. Our work has covered many sectors including transport, security, education, healthcare, culture & heritage, blue light services, utilities and energy. The diversity of sectors, clients and countries is important in enabling our teams to transfer experience and keep learning.