Who we are

Design driven by human behaviour.

We help our clients to think and develop ideas that focus on people. We use processes like design thinking for creative problem solving that are centred on the needs of people.

You need someone who can stand back, see the big picture and help orchestrate the answers with evidence to support it. Our team all bring an approach that builds empathy with people, is rooted in curiosity to challenge the status quo, and gets us to a mindset of action.

To get the value you seek, we need to have a tangible impact on the lives of your customers and staff. Prototyping, learning quickly and iterating help to delineate the ideas with more impact, while keeping people at the core.

These positive impacts are where we see our work having social value. We love projects that help people in their daily lives to be the best they can be.

Better results for people is what drives competitive advantage for our clients.

The essentials: 

These are our six core values that underpin how we work with you and your project.

Co-creation and co-design

You will always be part of our design team. We co-create with clients and end users. Design shouldn’t be something that is done to you.

No assumptions

You don’t want us to do the same as we did for someone else – you are different. We take time to understand you from the beginning.

Delivering function first

Your customers want stuff that works, so we focus on function first. If you want pretty baubles, try someone else.

A whole system view

Your customers don’t see you as an individual thing – their view is influenced by the whole ecosystem. So we take the same perspective.

Making connections

You can always learn from others. We bring across what we’ve learnt from the various other sectors we work in.

Challenge the question

Are you asking the right question? Maybe. But our natural curiosity will help you to examine this and re-frame the problem to be sure.

Our people