To help you solve your project challenges we work collaboratively with you. By using a range of tools, methodologies and participatory delivery channels, we humanise systems, products, services and experiences.

In response to our clients 4 key business challenges we combine the tools and methodologies  with the elements below to take a wide angle, collaborative approach from the very beginning:

Re-frame the problem

Innovation & new ideas

Improve performance

Increase revenue

Map the ecosystem and combat silos

Front-of-house to back-of-house

Understand feelings and function

Use “thick data” and big data

Immersion & co-creation

Why a collaborative approach?

Deeper understanding of customer, employee and stakeholder needs/wants

Feedback on the implications of the project throughout the whole organisation – highly valuable

Get buy-in throughout the organisation

Sense of ownership with employees at all levels

Create a culture of co-creation and collaboration

Higher levels of satisfaction with the result

Featured Projects

Sharing boards during CCD's V&A action research.
Exploring visitor behaviour and wayfinding research for the Victoria & Albert Museum
04 Dec 2019
Defining the passenger experience vision to secure investment for Dublin Airport
Defining the passenger experience vision to secure investment for Dublin Airport
27 Nov 2018

What do we mean by ‘humanising’?

Humanising – what do we mean when we say this? Well, it simply means to put something in terms relative to the user so they can more easily use and/or understand it. Key to the humanising process is understanding the perspective of all users, and how they interact with the product or service.