The design process is something that many consultancies try to describe in different ways. But the fundamental building blocks are the same whatever words are used to name the different stages. The value comes from what you do in each of those stages: we focus on the toolbox.

Our first step is getting to understand you and your business: we get inside what you do, how you do it and where you want to go.

We research your customers and users: we observe, we listen, we engage. We use ethnographic tools to discovery insights into their behaviours, goals, needs and to understand the context.


We analyse the information that we’ve captured. We use this to define the problem and bring simplicity & structure so we can make sense of it.

We use a range of tools to describe the user needs and experience; we map processes, journeys and interactions.

At this stage we are often setting out the strategic concepts on which the design will be developed.


Our philosophy is using design to positively impact people’s lives. Our work is focused on making sure we deliver solutions that are useful, usable and valuable. We target meeting functional needs, and use that to create positive experiences.

Our approach is to design with you and your users. We want to draw on their expertise and experience. We use a variety of prototyping and interactive methods to facilitate this. We find this is a great way get buy-in and support change.