Laura: Three things I’ve learnt at CCD

I’m Laura, one of the human factors consultants here at CCD. After completing the Human Factors MSc at Loughborough University in September 2016 I was extremely lucky landing my first Human Factors job with an exciting and innovative company.

Here are three things that before I never would have given a second thought that, after 6 months at CCD I now can’t help but notice:


Before joining CCD I didn’t fully understand what wayfinding was and that it’s so much more than signage. By designing with the users in mind you can enhance their experience of an environment and how important it is in many industries.

Now, when I’m out and about I always look for the subtler aspects of a wayfinding scheme, a strategic placement of colour or unique sign icons.


I often travel by train but it wasn’t until working within the rail industry that I have ever considered how it’s run and the way in which people are all a part of a large network – from the signallers, to the drivers. I was recently involved in a project testing Driver-Only-Operation systems and it was great to understand the mixed viewpoints of real drivers.

On my commute if I’m held at a red signal, I now understand what that means, and how it affects the drivers and the transport system.

People will be people

At CCD we have a motto: we leave our assumptions at the door, and for good reason. Never before has what I thought I knew gone flying out the window as a result of our research! The extent to which human behaviour really does impact an outcome or design is so vast, and I’m constantly surprised.

As a design consultancy, CCD specialise in human behaviour, bringing together different disciplines to act as a team and create the all-round user experience our clients love.

Hi, I’m Laura. A recent graduate of Loughborough University in MSc Ergonomics (Human Factors) with a background in Psychology, I have experience working in healthcare ergonomics and within CCD has been involved in multiple projects including control room design and rail, leading testing and analysis.



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