The well-being factor: Hear our seminar talk at Work2.0 London

CCD, in partnership with Culture Consultancy, will be speaking and exhibiting at Work2.0 – Europe’s definitive real estate, workspace, office tech and wellness event, held April 24-25 at the Business Design Centre in Angel, London.

Day 1: Tuesday 24th April at 2.30pm

The well-being factor:
How understanding the DNA of your workplace creates spaces people enjoy.

It centres around how understanding behaviours, tasks and people can create happier, more productive workplaces.

David Watts, CCD, and Jo Geraghty, Culture Consultancy, will touch on three core principles and how they help businesses get the most from people and place:

Understanding people

Understanding the working environment

Participatory design & managing change

David Watts, MD of CCD

CCD believe in making things better for everyone. We think this improves people’s lives. At the core of this mission is understanding behaviours – why do people do the things they do? Then we apply these learnings to the design process.

Whether it is a system, product or physical environment, we have over 40 years’ expertise in helping our client better understand their users, and designing accordingly.

Jo Geraghty, Director, Culture Consultancy

Culture Consultancy are a niche consultancy that specialise in organisational culture change, employee engagement and leadership development.

We create alignment between business strategy and the people through whom it will be delivered.

Jo specialises in working with CEOs and leadership teams of global organisations operating in large, complex and regulated environments; helping to deliver sustainable performance improvements through successful organisational culture change.


Stephanie Clarke

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