Wayfinding for Mixed-Use Developments

CCD has worked with Majid Al Fattaim to develop the wayfinding strategy and scheme on three large, mixed-use developments totalling over 4.5 million sqm throughout the Middle East:

Al Mouj – Muscat, Oman
Al Zahia – Sharjah, UAE
Waterfront City – Dbayeh, Lebanon

The challenges our wayfinding solutions help to overcome apply to similar sites, big and small. We’ve compared the core principles and features from these Middle Eastern environments to three UK sites that likely face challenges that might benefit from a similar approach and application of wayfinding: Canary Wharf, Bicester and Poole.


Help your retail tenants get bang for buck.

Through behavioural research we gain insights on movements and the natural paths people take, and our designs nudge them towards your tenants.

CCD have recently begun developing eyetracking technology with Virtual Reality to understand the most lucrative positions for retail wayfinding.

Waterfront city

Telling the
Landscape Story

A garden community, the wayfinding concept and design compliments nature and echoes the story of the landscape.

We worked with the client and the landscape designers to take inspiration from the environment. The design and materials are demonstrative of the landscape, helping to create internal continuity for residents and strengthens the brand and desirability of this unique site.

Al Zahia

Large Sites

Large dispersed sites pose navigational challenges.

Multiple entry points can fail to connect visitors and residents to facilities, leaving areas confusing and less desirable. Facilities are under-used and commercial tenants are left unsatisfied.

CCD designed zoning in Al Mouj to help make the site visually digestible and give it clearly distinguished areas relating to key investments and services.

Al Mouj

Majid Al Futtaim (MAF), one of the Middle East’s most high-profile mixed-use developers, commissioned CCD to create a wayfinding scheme designed around the concept of how people interact with their environment.


Chris Girling

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