A virtual day in court – design thinking

For an insight into how design thinking and in particular, the importance of considering the human factor in design, have a read of this report from the RSA in to the use of video conferencing technology in courts.

It makes the point that the technological solution is there but most people have recognised that just implementing a technology solution will fail as there are a number of human issues related to its use that must be considered. There is recognition that the solution must “design every aspect” of the wider system and not just the kit. 

The report study highlights some really interesting human issues such as perceptions around cost-cutting measures that ignore any benefit and a load of issues around being face-to-face and reading the faces of people.

It also highlights the role of design thinking in engaging with all stakeholders not just those that might seem more important. In this case it would be a grave mistake to not understand the perspective of defendants and witnesses and instead focus on the needs of judges and lawyers.

 There is a really nice description of how designers, using knowledge of people and behaviour, can be so helpful in the design of services like this in delivering insight into the experience of different “users” and using methods like story boarding a “day in the life” to get all parties to see the issues.
A Virtual Day in Court



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