The importance of curiosity

This year, we’re all about curiosity.

Why be curious?

As kids, we explore with reckless abandon; everything is an adventure.

Our expectations as users, consumers, visitors and passengers are shifting to bring this curiosity and adventure into our daily lives. It’s about personalisation, individualisation, immersion and the experiential.

Consider all the things that wouldn’t have been invented or discovered if not for curiosity.  The power that curiosity holds is to keep questioning, keep discovering and creating, but most of all it’s the power to look at something you’ve seen or experienced countless times in a totally different way.

What might you see through a curious lens?

The business case for curiosity




We challenged a group of UK and European airports to #becurious and look outside their sector for a day.

What if we thought about passengers the same way Chelsea FC thinks about it’s fans?

Parallel: from passengers to fans


Our collection of thought-starters


Stephanie Clarke

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