How is technology changing the face of healthcare?

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Technology continues to change the world as we know it, and healthcare is no exception to innovation.

When it comes to healthcare, technology not only advances the knowledge available to users. It provides insights which allow user needs to be better understood and hence the design of better products, healthcare systems, and services.

We are already seeing the digital personalisation of health information, from health apps on smartphones to health tracking devices, such as the FitBit.

The solutions available to the user are increasing due to the rise of technology in healthcare, and digital health-related products and services. Through research, usability can be improved, the design of drug delivery devices and digital platforms can be optimised.

Whether the ‘user’ is the healthcare professional, a designated carer, or an untrained patient, understanding and utilising the latest technologies can deliver innovative results in knowledge, drug and service delivery.

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Med-Tech Innovation Expo – 26-27 April

Dan Simmons will be speaking at the Human Factors in Sport conference hosted by The Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors – 22-23 June



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