Share your poor wayfinding experiences with us

When spaces like airports are well laid out and we are helped at every turn by things like useful and informative signage we hardly notice it.  When we are let down, for example, the signs suddenly stop mentioning where we want to go at a critical decision point, we feel annoyed, stressed, etc.

Our work as designers obviously aims to provide the best experience possible and we want to eradicate wayfinding woes.  But we’re always interested in those poor experiences to see what we can learn and how we can use those lessons to convince others of the need to get it right.

So if you have had a memorably poor wayfinding experience on any given journey, we’d like to hear from you.  Please comment on this blog to add your thoughts and experiences.

Whether you’ve been visiting a hospital, your journey to work, finding your way around a commercial building or outdoor space, shopping centre or anywhere, please let us know your experience in as much detail as you like.

To get us started, one of our principal consultants found himself in an embarrassing situation recently due to the rather overly “designed” symbols on the toilet doors of a London pub!




  1. I think that rational degsin doesn’t have to be in opposition to fun and humanity, although it certainly can be. The excesses of modernism are pretty .But a modernist typeface like , commissioned for the signage at Charles de Gaulle airport, shows how clarity and geometry can nonetheless have a warmth and humanity to it. Of course, this isn’t always easy. But at it’s best, the clarity and order sought by modernist degsin make it more user-friendly in in contexts where users need clear, ordered information like signage.The Veracruz signage is pretty sweet, and you make a good point about the utility of standardization. Although I kind of wish that the signage used color-coding as an additional visual cue. Cool post; thanks for sharing the photos.

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