Self-service can work!

In the latest blog in our series relating to self service we look at a library kiosk.
One of the libraries we use has a self service kiosk called smartserve 400 (
It’s a revelation!
  • The on screen instructions are easy to read and follow and include clear and helpful graphics to illustrate them
  • The space where you wave or swipe your books to borrow or return them is a breeze to use. There is no need to hold the book in any specific position or for a specific part of it to make contact with an element of the kiosk
  • The machine provides helpful prompts to make sure you follow the right process and don’t miss something out (a refreshing change from the machines in supermarkets that have flashing red beacons to tell you and everyone around you that you have done something wrong)
The user experience has clearly been the focus of the design of this self service kiosk. The result is an interface that puts the user at ease and guides them smoothly through the process instead of being a source of stress. 
We’re not hear to promote one product over others but when you see something that works we want to learn from it.  We hope to see similar thinking going into self service for other environments soon.


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