Materials, feelings and personalisation

Great piece on the Engadget website about the choice of materials for the new Samsung Galaxy S5.

Now we are going to stay away from any arguments of Samsung vs Apple.

But we thought the piece was interesting to see a view on the choice of materials and how it relates to your feelings about a product.  The metallic iPhone feels strong and robust but is perhaps less inviting. Plastics in the past have felt more flimsy but the new polycarbonates are tough and warm.

Which do you prefer?

The issue around personalisation of smartphones and other devices also suggested the driver for where we are seeing this followed through into other areas of our lives. Much of our work is in transport and we are there are very strong trends towards personalisation of experience, service and environments. This is being reflected in some of our projects looking at designing strategies for passenger experience and customer service. It’s what we want, maybe the phone & tech companies started it, and it’s now for other organisations to step up to the challenge.



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