It’s the small details that count as well in good station design

To work, stations must provide key elements such as a layout that allows passenger flow and facilities to an appropriate standard.  However, to deliver passenger satisfaction it is also the small details that count. 
King’s Cross Station is currently being redeveloped and CCD are involved in providing the human factors support to the programme.  When going to the King’s Cross project offices on site we have to walk past Platform 9¾ as made famous by the Harry Potter series of stories and films.  Fans of the series will know that Platform 9¾ at King’s Cross is the point where Harry Potter and his friends can board the Hogwart’s Express to attend Hogwart’s School of Witchcraft and Wizadry.
While the series and platform are fictional, a real life sign and trolley has been installed in the station close to the entrance to the real Platform 9.

Providing this, and ensuring that it remains in place during the development (it has been moved and there are signs directing visitors to its new location), is a small detail but one which will enhance the use of King’s Cross for thousands of tourists and visitors to the station.  

Stand near it for any length of time and you’ll see just how many fans come to have their photograph taken as they too run through the wall.



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