Whitepaper: Hot-desking in the Workplace

Our research report examines the hot-desking trend, it’s rising popularity and the challenges it presents.

The research team examined the human responses to hot-desking and the personalisation conundrum. They looked into questions such as:

Why can the loss of ‘your desk’ be disconcerting for employees?
Can businesses have hot-desking environments that employees enjoy being in?
What strategies are there to bring personalisation into lean environments?
How are brands and company culture impacted in co-working spaces?

Case Studies:

We conducted ethnographic research, explored and compared two different hot-desking environments:

Second Home:

A  co-working environment with many different people coming and going on a day-to-day basis.



An office where there is a hot-desking policy and the same set of people come to work there.


A notable finding was the issue of personalisation, or rather the loss of it in lean environments. We found innovative examples of companies in lean environments allowing for personalisation in different ways, such as stickers on company tech and creation walls.

However, what was interesting was comparing these environments with a co-working space. The environment is standardised, so brands can become slightly diluted. In this instance, do you need to take back some of that control to keep the brand alive?

Read our whitepaper above or here.

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David Watts

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