Holograms to help you get through airport security?

Luton Airport are introducing holographic helpers to advise passengers and help them to get through the security checks more easily and efficiently.

An interesting concept. As we all know airport security is confusing and stressful.  There are an array of signs trying to tell  us what to do but trying to absorb this information in this situation is difficult – so we usually fail to do so, further increasing the stress of the uncertainty.

Perhaps the ideal would be just to have more staff on duty but the repition of information is something people aren’t great at doing – certainly not with any enthusiasm – and we have to recognise that the cost would be high.

People are best for responding to questions and dealing with odd events.  So it would seem that something like these holograms, that can deliver the basic information in a more absorbable way, may have something going for them.

Anyone going through Luton Airport that sees them in operation, please do comment with your views.



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