Download: COVID-19 social distancing pictograms

CCD has developed a clear, consistent set of COVID-19 and social distancing pictograms for download free of charge.


Based on behavioural science and wayfinding best practice, we are already working to install these with several of our culture and heritage clients. The magenta has been chosen specifically to stand out amongst existing signage and commonly used colours (i.e. green, orange, red), recognisability, and lack of existing connotations.

“Every single time a member of the public enters a different space they are having to relearn the rules.”

Chris Girling, Head of Wayfinding Design at CCD, in a recent interview with Reuters.

As the Government battles with the challenges of easing lockdown, communication around safe practices will be key to helping citizens understand new processes and rules. Indeed, as we have seen over the last three months clarity of communication has been at the forefront of the crisis. The Government’s infamous ‘stay alert’ advice was subject to criticism for being too vague and not really saying anything at all.

During the crisis, we have seen different signs, terminology, colours, pictograms and placement strategies used across many service providers such as supermarkets and transport. From next week, more and more services will be gradually added to this list, starting with retail and places of worship. Chris says, “People want to feel safe, reassured and at ease. If you can do that, they are in turn going to be more likely to visit, shop, feel relaxed and return. The message needs to be clear and consistent … and absorbed.”

The challenge for citizens as new services open is knowing how to behave safely – and being faced with this every time they enter a new environment. The challenges for venues and services is clearly communicating protocol in a way that visitors will understand. With staff furloughed and venues juggling operational changes as they look to re-open, resources are limited for many.

Our aim by sharing these is to encourage consistency in social distancing wayfinding signage, making it easier for customers to understand what’s expected, and help places to re-open safely.


Chris Girling

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