Design Foundations Funding – Round 3

Idea. Experience. Design. Iteration.

CCD are interested in collaborating with companies that need design thinkers and researchers for the Knowledge Transfer Network & Innovate UK Design Foundations Funding Round 3.

The aim of the funding is to bring new concepts and ideas together with early stage user research for further development and iteration to create better solutions, services and products. 

Our team of human factors experts, psychologists, designers and ergonomists have helped clients such as HS2Jaguar Land Rover, Tate St Ives and Guide Dogs for the Blind understand user behaviours and needs to design better systems, experiences and services. We use ethnographic research, experiential research and co-creation techniques to discover customer insights and make sense of them.

Idea validation is where design thinking and user experience research comes in. It helps to validate your idea and expand it’s potential.

User research is a way to ensure that your solution is solving a real problem for the user. An idea or solution does not always equal a problem. User research provides an opportunity for you to draw on the insights from user behaviours and examine the feasibility of your idea. 

Design Thinking Models

Double Diamond by Design Council; 5 Phases of Design by IDEO; The Design Squiggle by Damian Newman

Whether it’s the Design Council’s Double Diamond or IDEO’s five design phases, the design process can be described in many ways but essentially boils down to the same core elements. Our favourite representation is a squiggly line. It explains not only the process of design but how it feels. 

The early parts are chaotic. Many seemingly unconnected behaviours and needs, each with a variety of directions to explore. The next steps are all about making sense of that chaos. Narrowing down the options to arrive at a proposition that both address the needs of the user and demonstrate benefits to the customer. We iterate, we refine, we pivot, and you end up with a product or service ready for market which has a much greater chance of success. 

Why us

CCD are a design consultancy with 40 years’ experience in design driven by human behaviour. We believe that understanding the way people behave helps us to design things better. But doing that well requires the right tools, skills and mindset.  The key is in understanding that people are all different from each other and our research processes need to account for this.


Stephanie Clarke

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