CCTV & changes for control rooms?

We recently spotted two pieces in the press about changes to the way security control rooms might operate.

The first was the new system for enabling members of the public to monitor CCTV images in shops on behalf of the owner and receive a reward for successfully spotting criminal activity.  Perhaps this does reflect the fact that many CCTV cameras are not watched by someone in a control room and only provide a means to record criminal activity in the hope that a prosecution can follow.  There do seem to be some dangers associated with this, as identified in the article, in particular the lack of training of those doing the watching.  But interesting never the less.

The second item was on the use of microphones in support of cameras to detect gunshots on the streets.  We don’t know anything about the technology here but have looked at how you might present the information back in the control room and support the operator in getting visual images of the right area and then making good decisions. We await the outcome of the trial with interest.



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