6 months in, 6 months to go: Ellie, Brunel placement student

Who am I?

My name is Ellie. I am currently completing my industrial development year at CCD as part of a degree in Industrial Design and Technology (BA Hons) at Brunel University.

Why CCD?

My particular design interests lie in human-centred design which led me to my role at CCD. My experience so far has provided me with such a broad and valuable set of skills and knowledge which I couldn’t have learnt just at university! Being a consultancy-based company, I have been able to experience a complete range of projects in the different sectors that CCD are involved in.

What do you do?

My role is predominately graphic design based. Specifically, I have designed promotional and informative artefacts for clients and potential clients, helped to create wayfinding design solutions and created visual information for presentations on current projects to clients.

What have you learned?

My confidence and knowledge in the Adobe suite software packages has hugely increased through the use of these in the majority of projects I’ve been involved in. As an intern, on top of producing work for the company, I have learnt presentation and communication skills whilst developing an understanding into how a design consultancy company works. Presentation and group interaction is encouraged at CCD through Monday morning meetings and ‘high 5’ where a staff member talks about a topic of choice for 5 minutes with 5 slides!

Been anywhere fun?

I have been lucky enough to visit various projects CCD are involved in which has shown me how user behaviour is analysed and turned into designs with ergonomics at the centre. These include London Luton Airport and Apollo Victoria Theatre.

What are you most proud of?

During my placement I have been particularly interested in the medical Human Factors team, and I applied to a Design Challenge with Stanford University around promoting healthy habits. CCD staff provided support throughout this project with their knowledge and experience in user-centred design. I was pleased to hear that I made it to the final 8 of 70 applicants across 19 international countries.

What next?

I now have the opportunity to develop the design with a mentor from Stanford University in preparation for a presentation at Stanford in April!

Stanford University… in America?

Yes! I will be flying out for a 3-day event, culminating in me pitching my design solution to a group of industry and academic experts.


Not bad so far then?

I have been encouraged and supported to develop my design skills not only at CCD but at events within the industry. This has enabled me to get the most from my placement and I have really enjoyed my time at CCD so far, and can’t wait for next 6 months!


Stephanie Clarke

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