#AMRaware – AMR Competition Concept

The Information Design and Architecture in Persuasive Pharmacy Spaces (IDAPPS) along with Day Lewis Pharmacy hosted a competition to raise awareness of anti-microbial resistance (AMR) to antibiotics. The ultimate goal was to design an intervention that could be hosted in pharmacy space, and the winning prototype will be installed in a Day Lewis pharmacy in Woodley, Reading.

The competition called for a mix of CCD’s multidisciplinary skillset –  information design, environmental design, human factors and ergonomics, whilst we partnered with a pharmacist to bring specialist knowledge of the pharmacy environment.

We’ve got exciting plans for our concept – watch this space!

User workshops at the IDAPPS Ideas Lab

The concept – Be #AMRaware

Our concept could be rolled out in a number of ways to accommodate all pharmacies and spaces, large and small.

We designed an informative poster to educate the options for patients on four common conditions, showing that a visit to the doctor, and antibiotics, are a last resort. We visualised a digital interface that took patients on a journey and communicated the dangers of AMR and taking unnecessary antibiotics.

IDAPPS has this to say about CCD’s involvement in the project: 

“CCD’s excellent proposal positioned pharmacy space at the centre of the health management system, portraying the pharmacist as a trustworthy, respected individual with a remit to provide reliable health information to their community.

We very much enjoyed working with the team from CCD at our Ideas Lab; they made a great contribution to the IDAPPS project“.


Stephanie Clarke

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