4 everyday sport personas – which one are you?

Dan Simmons, Principal Human Factors Consultant.

Dan has over 8 years of experience applying human factors methods to support system specification, design and human performance. He has worked across multiple industries including defence, rail, sport and health & safety. Dan leads CCD’s work in medical device usability.

Recently I spoke at the inaugural Human Factors in Sport conference, held by the Chartered Institute of Ergonomics and Human Factors.

The focus was “Wearables are Variables”. I discussed where wearable technology is at the moment, where it is heading and how this might change the lives of both everyday users, who enjoy wearables such as the FitBit, and patients with specific medial needs.

CCD conducted a research project, and we discovered wearable tech lovers fit into four personas:

This group is all about practicality – they use sporting activities to commute or go to the shops.
They use wearables for a very functional purpose and often out of curiosity of what data they are collecting.
They use the technology to share their achievements with their friend group or socially.
Socialisers like to bring people together for activities and to compare data, but their motivations aren’t overly competitive.
As the name suggests, Motivators adopt the technology to help them be consistent with exercise or to get back into the habit of exercising.
Though they don’t often share the information, they use it to track their own progress and goals, whether it’s counting steps or miles.
A Striver likes a challenge: they use wearable technology devices to challenge themselves.
They primarily use the data to assess their fitness and progress training for events and competitions.



  1. Nice piece Dan….I wear / use a Garmin. Definitely a Motivator.

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