Research, Rethink, Reimagine

CCD: Re is our internal research & innovation capability.

We take briefs from partners, collaborators and clients, always ask ‘why’ and remain curious. Through CCD Re: we are able to think freely about a brief. Our process allows us to spend time understanding the motivations behind specific human behaviours and how the space, system service or product can be improved to better the experience.

Research gives us a deeper understanding of peoples’ behaviour; whether it’s an experience with a journey, an interaction or how they use a space or service. Research is about acquiring new learning and knowledge.

We look at existing designs or solutions, reconsidering perceptions and what we think we know.

We take a problem and Rethink it, leaving behind assumptions. We are problem solvers, and design needs to do exactly that – solve a problem.

More space and time allows these projects to take an interaction or an experience, and Reimagine it. We start from the behavioural fundamentals to produce new ideas, new perspectives and better ways of making things work.

We use different research tools to find out more about people’s interactions and experiences. Speaking with experts, creating user personas, and observing users in context help us see new opportunities for design solutions.

Information gathered through research and discovery is used as a basis for idea generation.

Co-designing in teams with users, we mind-map, storyboard and visualise in response to our challenges.

We refine our ideas and get hands-on, creating concept prototypes to test with users and experts. Trialling prototypes with numerous user groups gives us valuable insights and feedback to validate ideas, and pinpoint areas for further development.