Office design that boosts workplace wellbeing

The recent “Future Office” feature in The Times included a piece on some of the issues around wellbeing in the workplace and how good design could improve this important aspect of business management.

CCD’s David Watts contributed to the piece, commenting on the importance of considering privacy, individual work and personality in the workspace.  “Everyone’s got headphones on, which is a cry for privacy,” says David Watts, managing director of human behaviour and design firm CCD. “If open plan was meant to encourage interaction, it’s failing.”

Headphones are a cry for privacy

Headphones are a cry for privacy

The piece noted how wellbeing is increasingly recognised by companies as a critical part of the jigsaw. The nature of work is changing which requires more collaboration and a workspace that addresses wellbeing is being seen as a vital tactic in the battle to recruit and retain the best talent.

Much of the focus in recent years has been on physical wellbeing with good ergonomics in the office being addressed.  But the attention is shifting to more mental and productivity issues now. Offices need to deliver on the emotional wellbeing and help more with the mix of concentration and collaboration.

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