Press coverage on our medical device work

We’ve got two articles featured in Medical Design Technology about our recent work and thinking on the world of medtech.

The first piece talks about how human factors can add wider value to the design process than just meeting FDA and other regulatory requirements.  The primary role of human factors is to help prove the device is safe to use.  We discuss how human factors can provide a more holistic view of the user interaction giving design teams insights into the factors that can make the product more appealing and desirable.  This can make the input of human factors more than just a cost to the design programme.

In the second piece, we talk about the impact of the ageing population on the design of medical technology.  The change in demographics is clear in many countries around the world.  Medical devices are going to be increasingly targeted towards and used by older people.  As a user group they have particular needs and demands which need to be understood.  The article discusses the challenge that human factors input can support in developing that important empathy with users and helping the designers to understand how they use the products.  Human factors plays an important role in understanding the different types of users and their individual conditions and circumstances.

Human factors in medical device design

David is Managing Director at CCD

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David Watts

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