Using temporary wayfinding to improve experience during construction work

Over the past years there has been significant investment in our transport infrastructure, especially in the railways. Whilst this gives passengers the promise of an improved journey tomorrow, the consequence is that for many of us, at least some part of our journey will be disrupted by on-going construction works.

This means the value gained from a positive passenger experience is deferred unless attention is paid to minimising the problems during the works. Understanding the passenger experience now and how the works will impact this is a starting point. The next is investing in looking at the passenger journey and seeing where the opportunities lie to help them through this period and this includes temporary wayfinding.

Kings Cross StationWayfinding is a massive problem during construction, especially in stations being redeveloped. Routes and paths will change as different parts of the station are closed and opened. So the usual navigation used by passengers will quickly become outdated and permanent signage will be obselete. So getting it right takes a desire to design and adapt the right temporary signage.

We’ve been exploring this issue in the December issue of Railway Strategies – you can read the full version of our piece here:



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