Factoring the human experience into new airport technologies

At the Transport Security Expo conference, being held in London this week, CCD’s Karen Jackson is talking with Steve Maggs from Gatwick Airport about the work we’ve been doing with them on Passenger Remote Screening.

In anticipation of the conference talk, Karen and Steve were interviewed about the work – you can download the interview here

We collaborated with Gatwick Airport on the conversion of cabin baggage screening from the security area to a remote control room.  The project had a strong focus on the human factors in this significant change.  We helped Gatwick ensure that both the technology was right but also the working environment and other soft elements of the change were well thought through.  This included involving the security staff to get their involvement and buy-in to the design.

CCD design of security remote screening room at Gatwick Airport

Screening Room designed by CCD for Gatwick Airport


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