CCD’s work on Passenger Behaviour at London Bridge Station in Wired

Our work on Passenger Behaviour at London Bridge Station has been featured in Wired Magazine.

The article focuses on how our research on passenger behaviour has informed the wayfinding design with insights into passenger movements and decision points.

You can read the article here >>>>

Passenger behaviour at London Bridge Station

Our work was informed by the pedestrian flow models, which highlights where crowding and bottlenecks occur the most. “London Bridge is the first UK station to use such a modeller before it was redesigned,” says Adam Parkes, principal human factors consultant at CCD. Once the flows were modelled, CCD visualised the routes that people would likely take through the station and mapped them on to the plan.

One CCD insight was to move the station’s departure boards. Some will be beyond the ticket barriers to encourage travellers to move through the station when a platform is announced. “We know that the main pinch point is the flow of people getting off trains and those looking to depart,” says Parkes. “Wayfinding routes have been designed to guide passengers on to the concourse, where there is more space.”



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