CCD commissioned by ITER for control room human factors expertise

Credit - ITER Organization 2020

CCD has been commissioned by the ITER project, one of the most ambitious energy projects in the world, to provide human factors expertise to the development of their control room and control systems. CCD will be working in partnership with VTT, an engineering practice based in Helsinki, Finland.

CCD, a leading control rooms specialist, will be responsible for designing the control room that will operate the ITER facility when the first plasma experiments are run. CCD will also deliver a design for how large video walls can support the collaborative operation. CCD and VTT will be collaborating on the design of the UX for the CODAC (Control, Data Access and Communication) control system.

This further builds on CCD’s increasing work in sustainable, renewable energy projects that bring a strong social impact. CCD has previously worked on similar experimental projects such as CERN’s Large Hadron Collider.

David Watts, Managing Director of CCD, says “Finite power sources are one of the most pressing challenges of our time. CCD is proud to be supporting the development of sustainable energy for the future”.

The ITER (‘The Way’ in Latin) project aims to provide the viability of fusion as a large scale and carbon-free source of energy. Fusion is the same process that powers the sun and all other stars. The multi-national collaborative project involves 35 countries and is aiming to maintain the fusion process for long periods of time that will result in producing net energy, where the power produced is more than the energy that is injected.

Currently under construction, ITER has scheduled December 2025 for the first plasma operation.

Image: Credit - ITER Organization 2020

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