Airport Focus covers wayfinding work at London Luton Airport

Our current project to design a new wayfinding system for Luton Airport has been featured in Airport Focus magazine.

You can read the piece here

Luton recognises the value that good wayfinding brings to providing a positive experience for passengers.

As part of its £100m redevelopment and investment programme, London Luton Airport (LLA) has appointed CCD to develop and implement a new wayfinding strategy.

LLA is the UK’s fifth largest airport and aims to increase capacity from 12 million to 18 million passengers a year by 2026.

Oliver Jaycock, Head of Marketing & Strategic Affairs at LLA said “wayfinding has a vital role in turning our plans into reality, ensuring that everyone can find their way into, through and out of the airport in a relaxed and efficient manner.”

CCD’s in-house behavioural experts will undertake initial research to develop a better understanding of how people interact with the environment. From that the consultancy will develop the wayfinding strategy, signage design guidelines, message schedules and sign location plans.

Chris Girling, CCD’s Head of Wayfinding said, “LLA has ambitious plans and we are delighted to be part of that. Our objective is to help craft the perfect passenger experience through a wayfinding strategy and design solution across the Airport estate. The key is to understand how people feel and act when they arrive and to develop a solution that makes visiting the Airport stress-free and enjoyable. The airport has recently undertaken a re-branding exercise through ICO Design Partners; we will be working with the playful, colourful designs to create wayfinding that is intuitive and informative whilst remaining true to the new brand.”

The project builds on CCD’s previous UK airport work at Gatwick and Stansted, and comes at a time of significant growth in air passenger numbers.


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