Designing a Windfarm Control Room During the Pandemic for Equinor

Equinor is a broad energy company, headquartered in Norway. It is one of the world’s largest offshore wind developers and has plans to increase its renewables capacity tenfold by 2026.

CCD was tasked with designing the room & workstation layout in the Front End Engineering Design or ‘FEED’ stage of an integrated control room for multiple offshore wind farms. The design had to be scaleable to accommodate Equinor’s pipeline of future projects.

Equinor control room

CCD has helped define the organisational and technical requirements for this new central control room and has worked as an integrated team together with the Equinor project team. CCD facilitated this human factor design process and worked jointly with us to find good solutions.

Thomas Helfer - Control Room Project Leader, Equinor

How did CCD meet the challenge?

In order to fully understand the systems and the control room design requirements, we conducted workshops with a broad cross-section of the Equinor team – from engineers to operators – to integrate fully into the wider team.

With the option of face-to-face meetings off the table due to the Coronavirus pandemic, we introduced online co-collaboration software into the process. 

Co-creating with the whole Equinor team, our discussions informed key architecture decisions; with the sloping ceiling raised from 3m to 4m at the front end, to satisfy the ergonomics of the large screen display.  

The output and quality of 3D visuals brought the designs of the control room to life and simplified  the execution phase of the design. 

**Spring 2021 Update**

As a result of our work with Equinor on this project, we’re delighted to say that we’re continuing ur partnership and are currently working on the execution phase of the control room.