University of York – Wayfinding System

CCD developed a new wayfinding system for The University of York. They had a challenging situation with a large, dispersed campus. They recognised their site and status had outgrown the original wayfinding system.

We were tasked with the visual development of the new university brand across the campus signage to be consistent with the new university wayfinding system.

Client: University of York

Location: York

Wayfinding strategy for York


We were commissioned to develop a new strategy for the university wayfinding system and to design and schedule the new signage around the campus. We engaged in significant research on the site including talking to a large number of students, staff and other visitors.


From our research we developed a strategy based on zoning the campus and providing a clear hierarchy of information covering the various colleges and buildings that make up the university. The research also informed where signage needed to be located to support the main movement of people and the information content at each point.


A key aspect for the University was the accessibility of the scheme. We ran a series of workshops with different users to understand the difficulties and challenges they had in navigating the campus. Our design not only allowed for future expansion, but reduced the amount of signage by 50%, saving costs.