Designing an environment for employee training in Saudi Arabia

CCD worked in collaboration with AV specialists Hypersphere to carry out a Workplace DNA analysis in the main training centre for an oil and gas company in Saudi Arabia.

The Brief

CCD were tasked with analysis of the current space and aligning this with the company’s future plans. The client’s goal was to change how teaching was currently being delivered, and encourage collaboration in both teaching and learning. We had to ensure new learning spaces were flexible, adaptable, and integrated technology.

Insight & Behaviour

Our Workplace DNA analysis begun by working with management to understand the company’s vision. We then carried out detailed ethnographic research and observational work to understand the current spaces, as well as teaching and learning styles. We uncovered a need for the space to adapt to changes in teaching behaviours and increase interaction and group collaborative work.


To enable the business to deliver new ways of teaching and a better experience for students, our designs increased classroom collaboration and created more flexible spaces where learning could happen in a variety of ways, including more group work. The interior spaces were redesigned to ensure that technology was seamlessly integrated into the space. Environmental graphics were used to embody the company brand and lift the feel of the spaces.