Behavioural insights for wayfinding strategy at Stansted Airport

We led the behavioural research and design concept development for Stansted Airport. Our research was used to create a new strategy for airport wayfinding that moved away from the standard approach to signage design.

The Brief

Stansted Airport wants to develop a more distinctive brand and provide a higher quality experience for passengers. The brief was to develop a wayfinding strategy that was different to other airports and met the unique challenges of Stansted.

What we did

In collaboration with Pascall + Watson architects, we led the behavioural research at the airport. This identified how the different parts of the airport needed visually joining together with the wayfinding products to give a sense of flow. It also identified different passenger behaviours which could be met by the products. New concepts for wayfinding and signage were developed that integrated navigation, functional areas such as seating and also advertising opportunities for revenue generation.

How we added value

  • Behavioural insights led the design of wayfinding products that joined-up the passenger journey

  • Concepts supported passenger movement and revenue generation

  • Innovative and new ideas have been developed for enhancing landside wayfinding.