Future workspace planning & change strategy for a major EU bank

CCD were engaged by a major EU financial institution as part of their planning to assess the critical requirements from a future space to be acquired in 5 year’s time.

Client: Confidential


Our team of experts included an operations expert and the AV/IT to get a wide angle on the client’s needs. We researched, through interviews and observations, how the existing workspaces were used. From this, we used sketches to explore the future working needs of both the business and staff, and what the demands on the space might look like.


From our Workplace DNA, we gained insights and understanding of the business’ long-term goals. We proposed a series of business requirements for the space and how it could be re-worked to perform both the minimum and optimum layouts. For the future space this included volumes and adjacencies of spaces as well as ideas on what should be in them.

The Brief

To begin our Workplace DNA analysis, we started by understanding the business goals and vision. We explored how the the various workplaces could be reconfigured including collaborative environments and meeting and conference spaces. We also had to ‘future-proof’ the client by defining design requirements for a new property to be procured in 5 years’ time.