Ergonomic toolkit for Network Rail across England, Wales and Scotland

CCD was commissioned by Network Rail and all of the leading signalling systems contractors to provide ergonomics studies in support of re-signalling and re-control projects across England, Wales and Scotland. CCD is a market leader in the provision of rail ergonomics in the UK for nearly 20 years.

Client: Network Rail and Signalling Contractors
Location: UK

Our Methodology

CCD has been at the forefront of the development of the methods for ergonomics studies in UK rail. The Project Ergonomics Study toolkit is now the de-facto methodology in the industry. The methodology delivers a standardised approach to modelling the existing railway infrastructure and its impact on the workload and operational effectiveness of the signaller.

Ergonomic Toolkit

Our tools enable our specialist rail Ergonomists to model the impact of the changes to the track and control infrastructure on this workload. This predictive methodology is invaluable in evaluating the impact of different options in a scheme design.

Added Value

  1. Ergonomics expertise brought to projects by consultants who know the railway industry
  2. Standardised methodology delivering consistent quality
  3. Full understanding of the needs of Network Rail in delivering re-signalling programmes
  4. Supported signalling contractors in getting approval for implementation of scheme plans
  5. Predictively model the impact of the signalling scheme on operations


CCD has recently completed PES programmes for re-signalling projects including Stafford, Cambridge, Thames Valley, Motherwell, NYL, Transpennine and York.