National Security Control Rooms for a European government agency

In response to a number of civil emergencies, CCD consulted on a programme to develop new capabilities to support the rapid response of government and emergency services.

Client: Confidential

The Brief

The concept was to bring together key ministry, intelligence and emergency services in a single facility to collaborate and to support clear, fast decision making. Our design also had to meet the stringent requirements for the President including secure routes of escape and personal facilities.

Our Work

We took the operational concept and built a scale-model of the building and the space available. We ran a series of workshops with individuals from each ministry which enabled us to develop a design concept which would support communication and information flow between them. The facility was designed around a main conference room where ministers and the President would meet in the event of a crisis.


Workspace design to facilitate communication and decision making.

A design to meet stringent security requirements for a high security facility.

A space to support work during times of high stress crises.