Creating consistent wayfinding during London Luton Airport’s £100m transformation

As part of its £100 million redevelopment and investment programme, LLA commissioned CCD to develop and implement a new wayfinding system.

Our remit covered wayfinding strategy, signage design and message scheduling throughout the airport terminal, the car parks and access roads.

Client: London Luton Airport

Location: Luton

One of the fully installed, illuminated wayfinding products at London Luton Airport, 2018.

Understanding the Environment

Our behavioural experts undertook detailed ethnographic research to develop a better understanding of Luton’s passengers and their experiences within the current airport. In particular, they focused on their interactions and touch points within the airport environment.

Designing Experiences

Our objective has been to craft a positive passenger experience through a wayfinding strategy and design solution across the airport estate. The key has been to understand how people feel and act when they arrive and to develop a solution that makes visiting the airport stress-free and enjoyable.

Collaborative Branding

The airport undertook a full re-branding exercise through Ico Design. We liaised with them and from their playful and colourful branding, we to created a wayfinding concept that is both intuitive and informative whilst remaining true to the new brand identity at LLA.