Khalifa Port Control Rooms

Our early conceptual work helped the client to understand how the spaces could be used and laid out and set an early benchmark for the look & feel of the rooms.

Client: Undisclosed
Location: United Arab Emirates

What we did

Khalifa Port is the flagship port of the UAE handling all of the container traffic into Abu Dhabi. The region’s only semi-automated container terminal it will handle over 35 million tonnes of cargo by 2030.

CCD was asked to develop concept designs for the Main Control Room, the Harbour Master Control Room and the Port Network Operations Centre.

The NOC was designed to provide a high-tech image with a strongly integrated brand identity for ADPC.   The Harbour Master Control Room was developed to provide a controlled view out to the harbour outside whilst the interior used textured panels to evoke the locality. The main control room continued the sense of place in the design bringing in additional facilities for incident management.

How we added value

  • Concept designs that expressed the ADPC brand and sense of place in Abu Dhabi
  • High quality working environment
  • Concept design based on simple, cost effective construction