Improving communication in 11 Network Rail Integrated Control Centres

CCD provided control room design for all eleven ICCs that were developed to improve communication and strategic decision making between Network Rail and the Train Operating Companies

What we did

The control room design work by CCD included providing control room layout and workstation design for all of the sites, with the use of a small scale model for space planning, a full-scale mock-up and 3D CAD visualisation for many of them.

CCD brought to the project, extensive expertise and knowledge of how to integrate previously separate groups in this type of operationally critical environment. Our tried and tested techniques proved crucial to engaging all stakeholders, including representative users, in the design process for what was a significant change in the organisation of these types of workspaces.

For some ICCs CCD delivered drawings and specifications for briefing and obtaining tenders from fit-out contractors and then oversaw the project implementation. For instance, we oversaw the fit-out works at Wessex and Sussex ICCs through regular attendance on site and direct communication with contractors. For other locations CCD managed the implementation of the furniture supply, including using full-scale templates for setting-out and carrying out both factory and site  acceptance testing.

How we added value

  • The involvement of CCD throughout the entire ICC programme meant that we could draw knowledge and lessons learnt across the various projects to ensure that the relevant considerations were covered for each site.
  • For the projects where a full-scale mock-up was included, the user trial that utilised it was fundamental in helping users to understand how particular aspects of the design.