Developing a UX digital concept for automotive inductive charging

CCD were responsible for the development of a new concept digital interaction in hybrid cars to control and manage a new inductive charging technology.

Project Challenge

With the growth in interest in electric and hybrid vehicles, manufacturers are starting to look more at technology that will improve the experience for the car owner. It is recognised that having to physically plug your vehicle in is often a hassle and is one of the barriers to adoption. The concept of inductive charging is being strongly looked at which would automatically deliver the charge when your car is parked over a pad in the ground.

Service Design & Prototype

Our work includes development of the overall concept of use, defining use cases and designing interaction concepts for the in-car interface.  The scope included a service proposition for public/private inductive charging and the design of interface concepts.

Given the target market for our client, we had to capture what a “premium experience” would mean for charging a hybrid. We took these concepts into the field and prototyped them with our client’s customers which gave good confidence for the technology to progress to the next level of development.

How we added value

Development of use cases defining the variety of modes of how users would interact with the technology

Use of storyboarding to communicate use cases to engineering team

Use of rapid prototyping to get early feedback from real users