Human factors expertise to Alstom for a €66m Swedish Traffic Management System

CCD provided human factors expertise to the Alstom systems design team for a new Swedish Traffic Management System.

The new traffic management system will cover the entire country, and forms part of a €66 million broader project by Trafikverket to improve the punctuality and capacity of its network. The scope of the contract, which will run for eight years with an additional nine-year option, also covers the development and maintenance of the system.



Alstom’s Iconis system integrates information, monitoring, control and optimisation of the entire rail network, allowing for traffic disturbances, management and resource allocation.

TMS Workspace Design

CCD provided input in the design of the system’s workspaces to ensure that the new ICONIS system can work effectively alongside other systems used by Trafikverket to run the rail network.

As well as this CCD ensured a formative testing process was utilised that incorporated the developing interaction design programme with the increasing demands on the physical workplace.

Systems Interaction Design

CCD devised an interaction design programme to ensure the user was at the centre of the system design process, and that the user interface met the needs of Swedish rail operators.

The result is a highly configurable system based on open integration technologies which adapt to different user needs and allow for future changes.