Defining the service model and passenger experience for Hovertravel

We were commissioned to explore how design could help Hovertravel improve the passenger experience from door-to-door. It offers a very different kind of service and experience and we wanted to make sure that was exploited and consistency delivered.

Client: Hovertravel
Location: Portsmouth and Isle of Wight, UK

A totally unique way to travel

The only hovercraft passenger service in the world was being upgraded with a new craft and new thinking in the terminal buildings. Hovertravel commissioned us to support them in the development of their new hovercraft and set an entirely new benchmark for the hovercraft service & experience.

Defining and designing the experience

We developed a Passenger Experience Strategy for the terminal buildings that were characterised by the key themes of making travel quick, easy and engaging. In designing the service and experience, we used techniques such as journey mapping, experience principles and touchpoint interventions to understand a range of user perspectives.

We also helped with the internal layout of the seating and luggage storage and used pedestrian flow modelling software to demonstrate that the operational objectives for boarding and unloading could be met. Our interior concepts for the craft had to align with the Hovertravel brand and provide a high level of experience for passengers.

How we added value

  • Design-led by research into passenger behaviours and needs of all passengers

  • Design input to meet functional & operational objectives

  • Identification of brand values and a strategy for how to carry those through each journey step for the passenger