Keeping passenger experience at the centre of HS2

We led the development of the passenger experience strategy and vision for how HS2 will deliver a new benchmark in service quality for passengers.

Image: HS2

HS2 wants to set a new benchmark for passenger experience across transport systems.

We were commissioned to research future passenger needs and develop the Passenger Experience Strategy.

The Vision

The Passenger Experience Strategy works alongside the Big Picture Vision, which CCD wrote as an overarching narrative for the project to ensure that the needs of passengers are identified and prioritised through the design process.

Image: HS2

Designing the service and experience

When designing the service and experience, we used design thinking methods such as personas, journey maps and service principles to understand what the ultimate HS2 experience might look like in the eyes of the passenger.

The strategy defined passenger needs throughout their journey and set out the key service principles that HS2 would look to implement. Our ethnographic research has also identified a set of key traveller behaviours which underpin the user personas used by the project.

Added Value

Our strategic input helped to realise a key theme for the project. We were able to define the kind of service HS2 intends to deliver, and what that means for passengers as the project moves forward. Descriptions of core principles were developed that can be referenced as the project proceeds and design decisions are made. Our output laid out the design of the experience and service vision for HS2, ultimately keeping passengers at the core of HS2.

Images: HS2

Continued Engagement

Following on from this project, we are currently working with HS2 on Old Oak Common and Birmingham Curzon Street.