Communicating travel experiences to Guide Dogs for the Blind

Our research enabled Guide Dogs for the Blind to communicate what it was like to travel as a blind or visually impaired person to the developers of potential solutions and support products.

Client: Guide Dogs for the Blind
Location: London, UK

What we did

We were commissioned to undertake research into the travel and wayfinding needs of blind and visually impaired people. The aim was to provide insight and information that could be used by technology developers and innovators to provide future solutions that better met the real needs of people.

We conducted interviews with over 40 blind & visually impaired people, ran a number of focus groups and undertook observed journeys. We developed personas of a range of blind & visually impaired people to communicate the variety of individual needs and circumstances.  We produced a series of storyboards to communicate the range of travel challenges that blind & visually impaired people face on a day-to-day basis

A detailed task analysis was developed covering a number of journey scenarios. The task analysis communicated a range of information on user requirements that can be met be design & technology solutions.

How we added value

  • Project led by ethnographic research into end users
  • Communication of user needs to technology & solution developers
  • Output developed to help designers understand life as a blind or visually impaired traveller