Co-designing Europe’s first remote airport security screening room at Gatwick Airport

CCD were invited by Gatwick Airports Limited to engage users in the design process whilst developing Europe’s first Remote Screening Room for cabin baggage.

Gatwick Airport Screening Room

The Challenge

Gatwick Airport Ltd (GAL) engaged CCD to design a new Remote Cabin Baggage Screening Room. We looked at how users were likely to interact with the new technology and tested those assumptions in the real world environment with actual users at each stage of the development process.

Technology change and design projects without the input of Human Factors frequently impose changes which force Users into changing their behaviour to adapt to the technology and environment – a process which invariably results in shortcuts, workarounds and increased risk of injury and human error.

The Strategy

CCD, with the full support of GAL conducted workshops within the actual screening environment and collected User feedback which informed the overall design of the room.

CCD also conducted a manual handling review for the newly reconfigured screening lanes. Users recognised this assessment as an integral part of transitioning to the new lane configuration and provided valuable information that could be used to evolve the installed system and support the screening staff in their roles.

Added Value

By engaging the Users and applying the principles of User Centred Design the resulting layout and technology in the Remote Screening Room was optimised around how the Users wanted and needed to use the system.