Transforming carpark wayfinding at Gatwick Airport

Car parks are the first and last experience for many passengers at airports, but their impact on passenger experience is often overlooked. They are also a significant revenue source so optimising usage is key to commercial success.

We provided the insights into passenger behaviour that led the development of new signage and information products to enhance the airport experience at this key first & last interaction.

Client: The Team

Location: Gatwick, UK

What we did

CCD + The Team were appointed to overhaul the wayfinding and parking signage system to transform the passenger experience at the airport.


The first stage involved providing behavioural insights to identify how passengers used the existing car park and the needs that that signage system had to address. This highlighted initial navigation from the road, clarity on which car park to select and how to support passengers remembering where they parked.

The second stage saw the exploration of applied technology and signage design completed prior to create a more positive and memorable visual identify in the car parks.

How we added value

Our joined up approach will deliver a car parking scheme that offers passengers a positive, hassle free experience.

A strong visual language supports passenger recognition and memory of car location.

The cohesive solution helps to improve future revenue by making the on-site car parking a more attractive proposition.