Gas Refinery Control Centre Design

We helped the Abu Dhabi Marine Operating Company develop a control room that met the high ergonomics standards required for this kind of facility but that also expressed their world class brand to staff and visitors.

Client: Hyundai and ADMA
Location: United Arab Emirates

What we did

Hyundai are the main designers of the new control centre for the Satah al-Razboot Field Development in Abu Dhabi. They asked us to join their team to bring control room specific expertise to the project. We were given the control room, the two main meeting rooms and a reception space for visitors to design.

We worked in close collaboration with ADMA to establish the brand identity for the control centre interior and how they wanted to express this to staff and visitors. We worked through the use of materials, colour, pattern, lighting and form to convey the Arabic heritage as well as a sense of flow and dynamism to the space.

Our responsibility was to achieve a high quality interior environment whilst delivering the operational needs of the staff. We also had to meet the ergonomic requirements for a calm working environment, a space to support good communication and to meet the psychological needs of staff working 24/7.

How we added value

  • A high quality, branded environment that meets the operational needs for an industrial setting
  • A space that reflects the Arabic heritage and a sense of place within Abu Dhabi
  • A workspace that shows off the very best of ADMA to the important visitors that come to see the operation in action