Safety device usability testing

We were commissioned to help a leading MedTech client get early end user input to the design process. By running these trials we were able to give confidence that that the product could be used without error and to give feedback on the usability of the design.

Client: Industry leader in the MedTech market
Location: London, UK

What we did

We were commissioned by an industry leader in the medical devices sector to conduct usability testing on a new product to obtain an indication of whether it would meet user needs. The client wanted to develop a product that was safe and effective to use by its intended users, improving the user experience and quality of life through design influencing increased adherence to a treatment regime.

The CCD team was experienced with with the new product market and delivering human factors studies for MedTech devices. This ensured they were able to devise assessment criteria against defined user steps in order to assess the performance of the new product. The design of the study had to elicit whether the usability objectives were attainable. It was important to strike a balance between the user friendly aesthetic feedback of the device and the more important performance needs which drove key product characteristics.

The usability of the new product was contrast tested against two other design alternatives. The test was competitive with data gathered related to competitor products. This formed part of the design exploration to understand the best features of the existing products. The study team developed and created scenarios for use that aligned with the user groups selected. The study was conducted within a lab environment to allow for assessment testing that gave participants realistic tasks to perform.

By capturing both favoured features and concerns across different user groups, CCD helped the client to further understand their target market, to guide the design of the new product and develop a product that would meet the needs of the end user. The client gained the understanding of where the performance of the product needed improving and were subsequently confident in investing in the product further.

How we added value

  • Created a relaxed, friendly and professional working environment for the user trials
  • Produced a detailed technical report helping to shape the design of a new product
  • Conducted research to aid the marketability of the product

We were extremely happy with the professional and adaptable approach taken by CCD. The team were friendly, engaging and created a really positive experience for all involved. Project Manager