Encouraging cultural donations

How might we… make donating so fun, visitors actually want to donate?

How can donation experiences engage visitors? Will this increase the rate of donation and generating more income for culture and heritage venues?

We challenged our CCD Re: team to tackle the problem and ‘re:imagine donations’.

The UK is fast-becoming a cashless society, which is integral to the donation problem challenge. More than half of all UK transactions per day up to £30 now made using ‘touch and go’ technology. A benchmark example is the Natural History Museum, which had a 22% increase in donations from introducing contactless methods.

This has significant implications on all kinds of fundraising, charities and poses a particularly difficult problem to those sleeping rough.

For the culture and heritage sector, it’s no secret that donation and funding is an ongoing core challenge. We’ve seen this first hand, working in culture and heritage for over 4 years. For institutions that charge entrance fees, donations become even more difficult.

We used the Design Sprint methodology developed by AJ&Smart, which takes you from challenge to prototype to user feedback in just 4 days to generate ideas and enable rapid prototyping of our concept. We enjoyed the process so much we’ve created an infographic about our Design Sprint journey.